How To Get Rid Of Ants Humane And Natural Pest Control For Ants

Simple yet essential methods for preventing ant infestations include: Wipe down counters after cooking or preparing food; Wipe down tables after eating to eliminate crumbs; Sweep or vacuum floors in the kitchen and dining area on a daily basis; Wipe down kids’ eating areas and high chairs; Pick up pet food bowls after the pet is finished eating and immediately wash the bowl; avoid leaving pet food out for “grazing” unless the pet is actively eating; Store food including pet food in air-tight containers; Wipe down the pet’s eating area to eliminate crumbs; Empty trash cans on a daily basis; Avoid placing food and similar organic items in indoor trash cans; Keep organic waste in an air-tight container and empty daily into an outdoor trash can or compost pile; and Avoid storing outdoor trash cans in the garage or near the home’s foundation.
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